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Pipeline and SURF – Pape Engineering

Pipeline and SURF

We have a large team of highly experienced specialists comprises of

  • Pipeline Engineers;
  • Marine Engineers;
  • Naval Architects and;
  • SURF/FEM engineers with extensive practical experience in upstream offshore oil and gas industries.

Our core business is to provide our customers with engineering services and expertise on all technical areas related to Pipeline, SURF and mooring systems. Our services cover conceptual design, feasibility studies, third party verification, FEED, detailed design, transportation/ installation engineering and offshore field supervision on site

Having capabilities in both detailed design and installation engineering, under same roof offers a better understanding of complex problems to furnish cost effective solutions for our customers. Our team has successfully completed a significant number of projects in extreme and harsh offshore conditions

Key engineering capabilities are:

  • Third Party Verification
  • Conceptual Design, FEED and CAPEX Cost Estimate
  • Procurement Assistance (MR, MTO, TBE)
  • Risk Assessment Study
  • Installation Analyses & Procedures
  • Engineering Offshore Assistance during Installation
  • Pipeline and SURF Design Engineering:


  • Design of high pressure, high temperature pipeline systems
    • High pressure and high temperature system
    • Upheaval and out of straightness analysis
    • Lateral buckling & pipeline walking
    • On bottom roughness
    • On bottom stability in harsh conditions
    • Fault crossing design (seismic zone)
    • Geotechnical engineering
    • Pipeline protection
  • Design and analysis of wide range of riser systems
    • Flexible riser system
      • Buoyant wave design (Lazy, Steep, Pliant)
      • Mid water arch
    • Steel catenary riser systems
  • Subsea umbilical, and cable system (static and dynamic)
    • Conceptual design, specifications and MTO
    • Management of cable/umbilcal vendor until fabrication stage.
  • Subsea structures design and foundations
    • Conceptual design for jacket foundation structure etc.
    • PLEM
    • Concrete sleepers
    • Hyperbaric habitat
  • Expertise in hydrodynamics and Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV)
  • Expertise in time domain fully coupled vessel-mooring-riser analysis
  • Pipeline and SURF installation engineering and offshore support
  • Engineering capabilities in loadout / transportation
    • Marine Transportation analysis
    • Seafastening / Grillage design
  • Installation engineering
    • S-lay / J-lay / Reel lay methodology
    • Beach pull and Horizontal Directional Drilling
    • Flexible / umbilical Installation
    • Subsea spools, subsea structures (PLEM, crossing supports etc.), risers installation
  • Pre-commissioning engineering
  • Offshore field supervision during installation
  • Mooring systems
  • Mooring Solutions for all type of mooring system and all water depths
    • Spread catenary systems
    • Composite mooring systems
    • Single point mooring system
    • Survival mooring system
    • Offloading & quay berthing systems
  • Design and cost optimization for mooring systems
  • Detailed design with class approval management
  • Anchor pile and drag anchor design
  • Expertise in multi body time domain dynamic analysis and fatigue due to OPB (Out of Plane Bending)
  • Method of statement for installation
  • Offshore field supervision during installation
  • SPM & CALM Buoy Design Engineering:
  • Feasibility, Conceptual, New Build & Conversion Projects
  • Basin and Detailed Design
  • Survey & Certifications Management
  • Hydrodynamics etc

We have successfully delivered various design and installation related projects for more than 50 subsea pipeline, flexible, Umbilicals and Risers projects in Asia, India, and South America for major oil & gas companies.

Our Engineering team is proficient in using software’s like

  • DEEPLINES: FEM software for slender bodies.
  • DIODORE : Hydrodynamic, Motion and Mooring Software
  • ARIANE 7 : Mooring Analysis
  • DNV Pipeline Design Suite : Pipeline Design tool
  • AUTOPIPE : Pipe Stress FEM software
  • SAGE PROFILE 3D : On-bottom roughness and Free span analyses
  • ABAQUS: FEM software, Computational Fluid Dynamics, lateral buckling analysis and advanced non-linear analysis.
  • ISYMOST/NSO: FEM software for linear and non-linear analysis used for structural analysis, sea fastening, jacket design, naval architecture etc.
  • MAXSURF: Stability check and transportation analysis.
  • SACS: Integrated finite element structural analysis, structural design
  • GLRweap: Pile Drivability Analysis

Quality Management System is certified by Bureau Veritas ISO 9001.2008 for “Conceptual, Feed Engineering & Design of Offshore, Oil & Gas Facilities and Naval Architecture”