Energy Development Solutions

The Energy Development Solutions team specializes in the development of low carbon and clean energy solutions and associated infrastructure worldwide – through end to end services of feasibility and environmental studies, investment analysis, technical design and consulting, developing technologies and project management services associated with Floating LNG Power Plants (FLPP), Floating LNG Liquefaction Units (FLNG), Floating Storage & Regasification Units (FSRU), Small Scale & Shallow Draft LNG Carriers, Land Based Power Plants, Nearshore / Offshore Jetty & Terminal, Breakwaters, Hydro, Solar and Wind Power Projects. 

SR-Blue™ Customized Barge Type FSRU

Equatoriale Energy’s SR-Blue TM Floating Storage & Regasification Unit provides significant CAPEX & OPEX savings by utilizing  a simplified design and construction, reduced equipment count, together with a reduced crew, accommodation and catering requirements. 

The simplified design involves a barge shaped hull, and allows construction of identical hull blocks, hereby expediting all steelwork fabrication stages, from manufacturing to assembly. The hull shape allows the containment detailed design to be developed only once, and each part and component of the membranes to be produced in series of 4 to 5 parts. Integration within the Hull also benefits from the standardisation, as the repetition of the in-situ mounting tasks will bring about a faster return on experience and streamlined installation methods.  

Propulsion & Machinery are the next obvious area of large savings, obtained instantly by the suppression of all propulsion and sailing related equipment and features.

The SR-Blue is suitable for near-shore or offshore deployment and designed for 25 years of continuous operation without the need for Dry-docking.

GEN BLUE™ LNG floating power solutions

Equatoriale Energy’s Gen-Blue™ LNG Floating Power Solution provides fast electricity supply solutions to areas with increasing power demand and limited infrastructure.

The integrated concept of LNG storage, regasification and power generation makes Gen-Blue™ a mobile asset, allowing it to be readily deployed or relocated wherever and whenever needed. The integrated concept also reduces the need to interface with different modules. Channel dredging, jetties, and extensive cryogenic piping for the transfer of LNG from storage to the loading terminal is eliminated, therefore allows better control on quality and cost.

As an offshore infrastructure, Gen-Blue™ does not require a large site and is able to provide steady and secure electricity supply in the event of in-land calamities such as earthquakes and floods.

Gen-Blue™ is equipped with fast-starting engines and flexible number of generators online. It contains a power back-up in place to ensure stable operation and energy supply and is able to maximise the use of waste heat. All these translate to Flexibility, Efficiency and Reliability.

Mini-Blue™ FLNG Small Scale Liquefaction

for Upstream Infrastructure

Equatoriale Energy’s Mini-Blue TM Floating LNG Unit  opens the possibility of commercializing previous regarded “stranded” gas accumulations on an economic basis. The Mini-Blue is an enabler to accelerate gas commercialization for reservoirs with difficult access to a suitable land based LNG processing location and reservoirs whose exploitation would impact sensitive environments 


The simplified design involves a barge shaped hull, supporting small to mid scale production on the topsides, reduces CAPEX & OPEX and enables faster monetisation of resources. 


The MINI-Blue is suitable for near-shore or quay-side deployment and designed for 25 years of continuous operation without the need for Dry-docking.

Our Key Capabilities are:



  • Preparation of Power Plant Specifications
  • Preparation of Power Plant Design Drawings
  • Development of Custom Design FSRU
  • Development of Breakwater & Jetty Design
  • Complete Techno – Commercial Feasibility Studies 

           including Environmental Impact Analysis



  • Preparation of Financial Models for Investment Analysis
  • Establishing Sensitivity Models
  • Preparation of Cashflow and funding requirements



  • Participation in technical due diligence from creditors, banks & investors 
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • Ensure certification and approval from industry players.
  • Evaluate suppliers and consultants for partnership and contract award.
  • Contract negotiation and commercial evaluations
  • Business Intelligence in the relevant sector 
  • Preparation of Requests for Proposals
  • Review and comments on subcontractors’ reports
  • Refinement of engineering design and financial calculations based 
  • on latest information. 



  • Participation in Site surveys and preparation of reports
  • Participation in meetings and representation with Authorities 



  • Establishing & maintaining relations with major players in the sector
  • Evaluating scope and entering into definitive agreements with suitable suppliers
  • Gathering support from suitable suppliers to ensure project progress.



  • Preparation of regular and ad-hoc reports for various stakeholders
  • Preparation of industrial insights and outlooks
  • Any other services required by Client for the development works.